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    The wait is finally over! Radical Cuisine, South Africa’s premier vegan product range, offers a variety of avant-garde foodstuffs for the snack aficionado who’s proud of their swanky cruelty-free lifestyle but also for NON vegans. From crunchy nacho chips, zesty relishes and lip-smacking spreads, to energizing cordials and even a honey alternative - the range offers something for everyone!

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    Radical Cuisine nachos are made from non-GMO corn, with three unique flavours to choose from:

    Cajun being our flag-chip nacho with just the right amount of burn

    Nacho De Fuego made from black Aztec corn and seasoned with a tangy tomato and scorpion chilli spice

    Sweet & Spicy made from white Mexican corn and using only natural spices, they come with a surprising chilli taste twist

    Relish and Vegan Hunny

    Our mouthwatering range of relishes suit all tastes, from mild to hot

    Moreish jalapeno relish

    Hellish our radical ode to the ultimate taste partnership of tomato and chilli. The habanero giving it heat.

    Jerkish from the Caribbean - pineapple, red pepper and habanero offers a spicy yet fruity tang

    Vegan Hunny made with medical-grade flowers, not only is it unique but it actually tastes like honey


    Pure fruit juice cordials made from100% fresh seasonal fruit, each cordial offering its own flavour profile and better yet no artificali flavourants or preservatives are added


    Lime & Chilli freshness of lime complemented by the tingling of chilli

    Pineapple & Passion Fruit a beautiful tropical combination

    Pear, Ginger & Bayleaf suave has a new name

    Watermelon, Mint & Rosewater for a cool and refreshing drink

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